Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Mystery Guest

Time to reveal my not-so-mysterious, expected guest...
If you are not already acquainted, allow me to introduce Simon, the travelling gecko. Simon is the 'ward' of the wonderfully talented, Carrie of Cherry Blossom Tattoo. However, he set out from her home and has been travelling around Ireland and further afield, for several months, visiting Etsy artisans and artists to see what they are up to. Among the places he's visited are London, Finland and the USA.

Yes, I hear you. He's made of cloth and filled with who knows what. But that doesn't undermine his amazing ability to discover and promote artists, photographers and artisans. Think of him as the Simon Cowell of the handmade world...but a little gentler methinks.

And I'm the next lucky hostess, honoured with a visit from this crafty fellow. I await his arrival all the way from the USA. He will be observing my work while enjoying a stay in Dublin, and reporting back to Carrie's blog. Watch this space....


  1. Brilliant! You'll have so much fun with the little gecko!

    Tell him Jacob and the smurfs say 'hi' ;)

    We love the little fellow!

  2. We miss him here too!! by the way, if you have any loose wool hanging around he loves to make things!!! Enjoy x

  3. I hope you have as much fun with Simon as I did, give him a hug from me!