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About Connemara marble                       

About bright Connemara marble  

Kilkenny Marble                              Celtic Earrings Black, Irish Kilkenny Marble. Handmade in Ireland. Dubh Linn

  Cork Red Marble                               Irish Jewelry. Cork Red Marble Pendant. Red Heart.  Love & Truth

A Little About Sea Pottery                             

Red sea glass                                       

Interesting white sea glass finds          
Green sea glass                              

Black sea glass                                 
Seaglass bottle necks                    

          Inspirations from Terra Cotta         
Not My Granny's Teapot                         

Clear Crystal Quartz          Clear Quartz Crystal Earrings. Vintage Style, Glamorous Dowton Abbey Inspired. 'Ballroom'

Sea glass and Copper Wire                              


Red Garnet Pendant. Sterling Silver Chain Necklace. Strawberry Wine
 January garnet
Purple Amethyst Earrings. Gemstone and Sterling Silver. Made in Ireland. Damson
February amethyst
Spanish Citrine Earrings. Golden November Birthstone with Sterling Silver. Honey Dew
November Citrine
CARE OF MATERIALS:                                    
How to clean silver                          

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