Sunday, July 1, 2012

1960s Murder Mystery Game Costumes

A couple of weeks ago I posted about costume ideas for murder mystery games (40s and 60s.) Since then I've attended the swinging sixties murder mystery party and as promised, have photos to share.

My character. Kate Killer, was supposed to be a journalist who was more famous than the rich celebrities she interviewed. She had a penchant for dressing all in black and liked black or red wigs. I decided to use Brigitte Bardot and Jane Asher as my inspiration.

I foolishly bought a 1960s 'Starlet' wig online, which turned out to be a hairy monster that grew and grew and bore no resemblance to the photo at all.

So I got a box of volumising hair props for  €2 in a cheapo accessory shop but didn't have time to learn how to use them properly.  

I ended up throwing two of them into my hair kind of following the instructions, but I exaggerated the bump to make a more dramatic (and funny) beehive. Here I am looking a bit more Marge Simpson than hip and cool.

The top was a John Rosha tunic I had recently bought. I just tucked the capped slieves in to hide them and pinned them to create a more 60s tunic style.

I teamed them with black skinny trousers and knee high suede boots. On top I wore my black trench coat, a neck scarf and big sunglasses I already had. I looked a bit more spy than journalist, and coincidentally, as the story unfolded it turned out that my character was actually a secret agent so by pure chance, my costume was spot on!

I had little time to search for 6os style, pop-art jewellery so I wore a bright button pendant I had made. (Click here for my button jewellery line on Etsy
 I purchased this bag from a vintage shop at a market for €18 last year. (the Spanish citrine charm is available in my shop)

 I did get my hands on a hat like Jane Asher's above, but didn't wear it until the party was nearly over and I didn't care anymore if the beehive got toppled.

Twiggy was the inspiration for one of my friend's costume.
Miss Wiggy
These shoes are actually 90s but looked perfect for the sixties.
Another friend purchased these plastic boot covers at a joke/costume shop.

I have to go check if I have my other friends' permission to show their costumes/faces before posting or maybe I can fuzz out the faces....but you so have to see the effort that everyone went to make it a fun night. The style was really groovy baby.

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  1. You definitely look like a beautiful spy;)))
    -nice tunic!