Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter Berries & Garnet Earrings. Inspirations from Nature.

File:Red tree berries.jpg

There has been a massive abundance of vividly coloured red berries this season, apparently due to the unusual and longer lasting good weather. The birds will be well fed this winter!
Red Garnet Earrings. Sterling Silver.  January Birthstone. Ruby Berries
Red garnet and sterling silver earrings
And here are some winter berries you can wear. 'Ruby Berries' earrings are made with rich claret garnets on sterling silver hooks. This sumptuous red gem is the birthstone for January. Known as the warrior stone, garnets were once incorporated into soldiers' armour for protection. 

Learn a bit more about them from a previous post HERE. Find out how to care for them HERE.

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