Thursday, November 6, 2014

Easy Way to Untangle a Necklace Chain

It's all too easy for necklace chains to get in a tight knot but untangling them can be pretty frustrating. Pulling at the knot only makes it worse. The thinner the chain, the harder it is to free it from the mess.
knots in chain
One of my friends (kindly) presented me with one of the worst bunch of knots I've ever had to undo. As you can see, it had a cluster of knots together near the clasp and another, simpler one, further along. This is the result of throwing chains in together with other jewellery, something any of us can be guilty of when in a hurry.

To make untangling a knot in a chain easier you need some baby powder, a straight pin or two and a little patience. The secret is of course, the talc.

First undo the clasp if there is one then lay the chain flat. Try to keep it flat throughout the process.
smother the knot in baby powder

Cover the knot in plain baby powder. Give it a good smothering and dip the pin into the talc too.

Find a way into the nest with the tip of the pin. Once you've got a good purchase on it, wriggle the pin around and gently test if any part will respond to a gentle pull. With a bit of patience and wriggling of the pin, the chain should straighten itself out pretty quickly. 
use a straight pin and find a way into the knot

The largest tangle fell away almost instantly, separating the two strands. Under it I discovered another knot. Surprisingly, the apparently simpler knot further along was much tighter and required a second pin - one to hold and one to unravel.
Wash the chain in mild soapy water and pat dry with kitchen paper.  If it is sterling silver and you also wish to brighten it, you can use hot water and bread soda following these instructions.
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