Saturday, September 3, 2016

Places with Faces, Caught my Eye #38


Some people spot licence plates, others bird watch or trainspot. I've a nerdy habit of noticing places with faces. A few years back this screaming house caught my eye in Sligo. Then there was the creepy case of the Hills have Eyes. Now I've found something even more spine-chilling...

...queue the dun dun duns please....

Yes, it's a screaming folly! This gateway with its startled eyes and gaping mouth was spotted in the parklands at Belvedere House, Mullingar this summer. Look closely, it even has a nose and dimples!!

It wasn't until I had uploaded the photos of another trip to the midlands that I noticed a, not so smiley, smiley face on the historic telescope in the grounds of Birr Castle, county Offaly.

 All that's left to say is  :-|

Caught My Eye  is a series of blog posts showing scenes I found interesting, odd, curious or beautiful. 


  1. Hi Anne-Marie, I'm always fascinated to see pics of places with faces. You have collected some really great ones.

    1. If you have any yourself I'd love to feature them on my blog