Sunday, October 9, 2016

Jewelry inspired by purple & green, Irish landscapes

Lough Dan, County Wicklow
It is no secret that the rich and varied landscapes of Ireland are an endless source of inspiration for artists, poets and artisans. The pull to create much of my own jewelry comes from my stomps in the countryside. Having walked extensively across the bogs and around stately gardens of the midland counties and explored hills, parks and clifftops in Dublin and Wicklow this summer, this season's collection evokes the peaty browns, ever-present rich greens and the purple heathers and wildflowers of these counties. Here are my purple offerings. All photos here are my own.
                                    Blessington, County Wicklow,                        Upper cliff, Howth, Nth Dublin             

Connemara marble and amethyst earrings

 artichoke and wild flowers seen at the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin city

'Wild Flower' amethyst earrings
                       Magical violet sunset in County Offaly,                   Sculpture, Belvedere House, Meath.

 Irish fairy necklace (amethyst)

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