Sunday, February 12, 2012

Forget Noughts & Crosses, How bout Hoop & Cross?

I came across this little mystery at the top of Bray Head last weekend. (Click here for a snippet on my wee hike in Bray posted on my Irish blog.) Erected in 1950, the concrete cross at the top of the steep hill is a landmark for the seaside town. Annually on Good Friday, pilgrims hike up the hill to make the stations of the cross and the final station is celebrated here at the top. 

On January 29th a rusty basket ball hoop mysteriously 
appeared, bolted fast to the top of the cross. According to local news bulletins, it caused quite a stir.  Some say it is blasphemy and/or vandalism.
Others, call it art.

As I see it, it is a truly witty statement, typical of Irish humour, whether the unknown perpetrators were Irish or not.  After all, we Irish are famous for being able to laugh at the ridiculous and poke fun at ourselves (um, one could argue that sometimes that can be one and the same...)

Some planning, design and effort must have gone into getting the hoop up there and bolting it on.  It is befitting that the 'culprit(s)' chose a rusty hoop. It looks like it belongs there and has been there for years. Perfect.

Granted, any damage left behind would, I fear,  indeed be vandalism. Would it be better if the authorities left the hoop there?

Whether placed by a cheeky joker or a serious artist (or both), for me it is up cycled art -a piece of  witty, modern sculpture. What do you think?

Divine Inspiration?


  1. Hi -Anne Marie - re hoop on cross on Bray head ! I ve had a debate with a friend about that and well I decided its OK to place a hoop on a cross - call it art if you wish - but not all right to place a cross on a hill - desecrating nature ! ( we have a dreadful red neon one near where I live - vile ! So its an emotive subject for me !)