Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bright Connemara Marble

Connemara marble, our native stone of Ireland, really does come in the so-called 'forty shades of green.' Having used this stunning stone in my jewellery for a few years now,  a colourful array of tones have passed through my hands. I find each variation as wondrous as the next.

dark forest green Connemara marble pendant
 I have seen samples of this rare stone so pale they were almost white and such dark shades of forest green that they were almost black.

In between lies a wide range of natural greens in tones of grey, browny green, yellow, bright lime, olive, sage, leaf and kale to name a few. This Irish marble is famed for being heavily variegated. You will often find several contrasting shades within one small stone. These 'serpentine streaks' are what make this indigenous resource so exotic.

This pale, citric, shade is quite uncommon. It takes a wonderful sheen when polished. Due to their rarity, the pale lime shades are highly prized and are much sought after by aficionados of this gorgeous, Irish stone.  I have not often had such spectacular specimens in my collection.
sterling silver flower with bright Connemara marble charm

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