Thursday, September 20, 2012

Killiney Caught My Eye 9

Caught My Eye is the section of my blog that I reserve for scenes that struck me as curious, comical, weird, or aesthetically appealing when out and about on one of my rambles. Please forgive my amateur photography and enjoy the photos for what they are - a glimpse at the world that I find so inspiring.

The sea close to Killiney, Dublin this summer. As for many an artist, writer or poet, the ocean always inspires me to get creative.

 The colour of the water was particularly gorgeous that day in August. It was a stunning shade of bluey-green I wouldn't normally associate with the formidable, dark Irish sea.

Aqua blue sea glass pendant from Ireland
We didn't spend long on the stony beach as the heavens were about to open. I found only one solitary piece of usable sea glass on the strand in the twenty minutes or so we were there. But it was of the rare, aqua blue variety, so worth it. Above is the pendant I made from it: aptly named 'Cool Water.'


  1. Beautiful photographs Anne Marie and your pendant is lovely, such an attractive shade of blue :)

  2. Beautiful photos. I love the way your pendant echoes the forms of the sand and the water in the sea above it. I love sea-glass! It reminds me of being little and going to the beach with my grandparents. We used to collect sea-glass, shells, everything. My favorite smell is the sea.