Monday, January 28, 2013

Meet up with Fellow Irish Craft Workers

On Saturday I went along to a small meet up of fellow Irish craft workers in Dublin for a good chin wag and exchange of ideas. We also traded a few surplus supplies with each other, which was fun. I just thought I'd introduce the shop of each member who attended by showing off my favourite item from each one.
Valentines Day Egg Cosies - Handmade and ready to mail
Valentines day egg cosies
 Mo of Huggle Knits kindly organised the meeting.  Though she can turn her hand to several crafts, Mo mainly knits and crochets gorgeous, handmade accessories for children and adults. Her latest range of cute egg cosies are simply adorable.
Order your own customised Baby Ball with rattle
Patchwork ball with rattle
 Fi of  Patchwork Delights also attended. I have bought at least two of these patchwork balls as gifts for my friends' babies over the last couple of years. I can vouch that the hand stitching is tiny and so neat!
Lampshade in cotton and cross-stitch 
I was very pleased to make a new acquaintance in Margarita, of Linen Artisan, who hails from Spain. I spent over 7 happy years in Spain in the 90s and it was refreshing to chat (in my rusty Spanish) with her about her country. Margarita makes beautiful linen accessories for the home and also bags. I love the colours of this cottage chic lampshade.
Plum Ribbed Shrub
Plum ribbed shrug
 Hazel Donnelly's soft hand knits are available in Hazel Donnelly and she also sells some great supplies at The Irish Knitting Room.  Though I have my eye on the unusual buttons available in the latter, I prefer to highlight her handwork.

Lastly there was lil' ol' me. I was going to post something typical of my work to illustrate my shop, perhaps something in Connemara marble. But then it occurred to me to actually ask myself what my favourite item from my current stock was, something I'd never really considered before. Hard to know when you have a large inventory of 60 items or so and you are biased about your own work...gotta love all your creations equally, right?? 

And yet the answer was staring at me within seconds of looking at my home page:
Copper & Sea Pottery Pendant from Ireland. Biscuit Beach Pottery. Celtic Tides
Irish Copper & Sea pottery Pendant
 This Sea pottery and Copper piece is currently my favourite as it brings together my love of Celtic motifs and the joy of beach combing for treasure. Added to that, this design was inspired by a wonderful day out at the National Botanic Gardens with two of my Etsy friends, Mo, mentioned above and Heli of Heli Creations. So for me it also symbolises some of the things that matter to me; good friends, creativity and appreciation of nature.


  1. Thanks for including me in your blog post AM. It was a great meeting, enjoyed meeting two new faces and catching up with you and Mo! I think a productive meeting and I am looking forward to seeing the ideas become actual happenings. Fi

  2. Wow - it sounds like you had a really good meet up, and some lovely items there - it's a shame none of the others went ahead. I am hoping to organise something in the Galway area in a few months time once I have gotten used to having a baby around!