Monday, March 25, 2013

Another Seaglass Bottle Stopper

I can't believe I found another, intact, seaglass stopper!! OK, technically I didn't find it. I was standing right beside it, obliviously examining a piece of sea pottery I'd just picked up off the sand. It was my Etsy friend Heli of Heli MG Tufted Luxury whose sharp eyes honed in on it. She pounced on it yelping in excitement and nearly frightened the life out of me. Heli generously gave the coveted treasure to me to add to my collection of rare finds.

The stopper on the left is one I found a bit further up the coast a few weeks back. It has a pointier nose and a small flaw on the under rim. This latest find is also a seafoam colour, has a rounder stalk and  is perfectly intact. Both are beautifully frosted by the sea and must be very old. Last month I wrote up a post explaining a little about this type of sauce bottle stopper. To read it CLICK HERE

There are some pieces I just can't bring myself to wire wrap into jewellery and I keep them to be admired just as they are. This is one of those special finds. Though our other beach combing companion, Mo of Huggle Knits, suggested I wire up some sort of stand to hold it in. Great idea and a new challenge for me to try out. I have a few designs floating in my head now.

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