Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spill the Beads

Don't you just love handy tips that are so simple they are stupid-clever?  Here's one for when your necklace snaps and the beads or pearls scatter to the four corners of the room. It's also a great trick for beaders like me, who can have a clumsy moment and drop or knock over a box of beads onto the floor. Don't you know they will go in several directions at once, rolling into all sorts of awkward recesses, and under furniture.  What a nightmare it can be to retrieve them all.

When my cousin shared this simple tip I just wanted to slap my forehead and go 'Duh!' Why had I never thought of it myself?
Slip a piece of old stocking or nylon suit sock onto the end of the hoover hose and secure it with a rubber band or pony tie.
Turn the hoover on and run it around into all those corners, under the couch etc and voila, all your beads are gathered up with little effort! Ta da!!

Now I think I'll just give these ones a good wash and make a summer bracelet with them......



  1. I drop EVERYTHING these days.....wonder what else it will work on!!??

  2. I will try with my needles..hahah , difficult isn't it?
    I hate when they fall dawn ..grrr