Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tuesday Treasuries

Like most crafty Etsy people it's always such a compliment to see one of your handmade items featured in a treasury. This week I am so happy to see mine in two. As ever, I am thankful.

Angie of Vintage True has compiled this wonderfully subtle combination, 'Saturday Bliss' . The air of lightness is stunning. Thanks for including my Irish sea glass pendant Angie!
Gabriella of Knot by Thread Alone has curated an atmospheric list with clever colour choices, titled 'Unique.' I'm so pleased to see my clear quartz earrings in there and chuffed they were considered unique enough.  You can learn about the stone clear crystal quartz HERE.
I apologise for lopping this gorgeous photo by Petite Pastiche off the bottom of the treasury in favour of symmetry, but unfortunately some of the listings were gone by the time I saw the list. This scenic photo deserves to be seen!

1 comment:

  1. AM..yes it is always appreciate to be featured in a TL ..if it is of our liking, much better , isn't it! Those are stunning ..
    The picture is beautiful, it remains me some many places of my own Country ..I love ' stones' landscape :-))