Saturday, January 21, 2012

Purple Amethyst, February Birthstone

Is it any wonder Amethyst is the gemstone associated with royalty? The rich, purple tones of this semi-precious stone are classically regal. The most highly prized variety of quartz, the amethyst is elegant and enchanting, demure yet delightful and quite simply, stunning. This is a stone fit for a Princess. Born in February, it's my birthstone and one of my favourite pieces of rock.

The stone gets its name from the Greek term 'Amethystos' meaning 'not drunken.' The ancient Greeks believed it would help keep them and their guests sober, so wine goblets were often encrusted with amethysts.

It can be a very pale lavender or a darker, damson purple. The darker variety is more valued, but pale amethyst can be very spectacular. The gem is particularly beautiful when faceted for extra light and sparkle.

Amethyst Necklace Extender

Matt beads are shaped between grinders and drilled. They are quite affordable for beading or for making dangly earrings etc.

Sunlight can fade the colour, so if you own a specimen crystal or a lush piece of amethyst jewellery, best not to store it on a window sill!

Amethysts have been used by healers for centuries. The power stone is believed to help with insomnia, balance energies and keep one grounded. It is also considered to be a spiritual stone, particularly in Tibet. Leonardo Da Vinci wrote that amethysts 'quicken intelligence'...hmm, don't know about that one...

If you are a February baby: Happy Birthday!


  1. Woah, such beautiful purples! Great pics and article, AM!
    I never knew that 'Amethystos' means 'not drunken' - how strange that we haven't got more wine goblets encrusted with amethysts here ;)

  2. Heheh. Note to idea to share with the Sensible Drinking campaign......

  3. I don't know if you are aware, there is also lots of it on Achill Island. I always think of gemstones as coming from so far away, its nice to think there is lots in Ireland too!
    Blog looks great!

  4. Hi Caroline. Achill island is a jewel in itself it's so beautiful. Yes, isn't there a seam of amethyst exposed in the cliff? Haven't been in years.