Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lone Flower. Caught My Eye 6

Caught My Eye is the section of my blog that I reserve for scenes that struck me as curious, comical, wierd, or aesthetically appealing when out and about on one of my walks.
wild flower on Howth cliff path
 I'm not a photographer and have neither the skills nor fancy camera to capture them as well as I would like. I find that taking my humble 'point and shoot'  with me on a hike makes me open my eyes wider and really notice what is around me.  For all the other non-photographers out there, I'm sharing these glimpses to enjoy them for what they are. Perhaps they will inspire you to open your eyes wider too.


  1. Beautiful picture, you need to frame that!

  2. I agree with Maria-beautiful picture-you have a good eye for photography!