Monday, July 9, 2012

Simon the Traveling Gecko

Yay he's here! Simon has finally arrived!

If you are not already acquainted, allow me to introduce Simon, the travelling gecko. Simon is the 'ward' of the wonderfully talented, Carrie of Cherry Blossom Tattoo. However, he set out from her home last year and has been travelling around Ireland and further afield, for several months, visiting Etsy artisans and artists to see what they are up to. Among the places he's visited are London, Finland and the USA. And now he's back in Dublin, visiting Handmade by Amo'r (eh, I guess that would be me so.) Here he is crawling out of his comfy sleeping bag, a bit jet lagged and shell shocked after his long trip. I hope he enjoys his stay and maybe he will pick up the basics of wire wrapping while he's here.


  1. love it. give the little guy a tickle from me :)

  2. Hi Simon!
    How are you?;)))I hope you have a great time in Dublin!:)))
    Best Regards

  3. Simon!!!Hugs, hugs, hugs from Purls, Jacob, the other bears and the smurfs!

    1. Hey Purls!Simon was telling me all about Jacob and the fun the pair of them had. He says to say hello and sorry he hasnt sent a post card yet....hmmm...must help him write a few of those......