Sunday, December 2, 2012

Only 1 Connemara Marble Christmas Ornament Left

Connemara Marble Decoration. Irish Tree Ornament. Green Red and Silver  Connemara Marble Tree Ornament from Ireland. Celtic Christmas Decoration. Christmas Tree Ornament from Ireland. Connemara Marble. Celtic Spiral Charm Irish Tree Ornament. Connemara Marble Christmas Tree Decoration. Celtic Squiggle  Connemara Marble Tree Decoration. Irish Ornament. Green Red and SilverConnemara Marble Tree Ornament. Irish Christmas Decoration with Silver Heart.
These cute Connemara marble mini trees, and other Irish ornaments I made, will be gracing Christmas trees around the globe this year. Most, but not all, have gone to the USA and Canada. If only they could send me back photos of the happy families gathered around the trees over the holidays!

SALE Snowflake on Tree Decoration. Connemara Marble Ornament from Ireland.
Connemara marble tree ornament decorated with silver snowflake
This little fella is the last one left in my Etsy shop. I've reduced it to clear from €12.50 down to €11. 
 SALE Snowflake on Tree Decoration. Connemara Marble Ornament from Ireland.
Connemara marble is a rare stone found only in the West of Ireland. It comes in varieties of green from a faint white-wash to darkest forest green with 40 shades of lime and leaf in between.  This piece is a soft, pale green with grey and white marbling and lime speckles. It was carved by a Galway mason.

I flattened the snow flake shape from a silver cap bead using a chasing hammer and wrapped it onto the tree with silver plate. The crimson glass bead above will catch the twinkle of fairy lights beautifully. It has an ornate, silver plate hook for hanging. Just latch the ornament onto the branch or use a ribbon or tie if you prefer. 

This handmade ornament would make a thoughtful gift for an Irish family or friend abroad. 
SALE Connemara Marble Decoration. Christmas Ornament from Ireland. Irish Celtic Art.
OOAK Connemara marble ornament, REDUCED
 There are still  a few other styles of ornaments available in my shop. (Click here to view).

Last date for Christmas for International orders: 6th December! Happy Holidays!


  1. Well done ... they are lovely so I am not surprised they have sold so well!

    1. cheers Sarah. And today, both this last wee tree and the oval ornament in the pic have found a home with a favourite, loyal customer. (If she reads my blog - sending a big Irish thank you and warm wishes to BK)