Sunday, July 7, 2013

Treasury Blitz Ireland & Germany

I've been very busy in the run up to and over the weekend collaborating with German Etsy owner, Martina of Art Decoratif, on a massive promotional drive for both our teams, the Etsy Ireland Team and Promo Team De.
Since just before midnight on Friday, both teams have been churning out beautiful treasuries featuring 50% Irish items and 50% German. Last night, at 11.55pm we reached a total of 100 by combined effort. Currently we stand at 145!!! For an up to date list CLICK HERE 

Please help us along by clicking and commenting and sharing your favourite treasuries from the list.


  1. We reached over 200 treasuries by midnight Sunday!!

  2. Well done Anne-Marie, sorry I couldn't participate this weekend, but maybe in the future there will be more activities like this. Very impressive.