Thursday, March 29, 2012


Two of my great passions are hill walking and jewellery making .  These two activities have absolutely nothing in common with each other, and yet one often inspires the other, which for me, makes them very much connected. Even just getting out of the city re-fires my creativity. I guess it's like a sorbet refreshing the palate.

I always take my camera out with me when rambling in the countryside. I can't lay claim to being in any way a decent photographer. I didn't even have the patience to read the instructions that came with my little Canon Ixus, though every now and again I fiddle around with the buttons and functions to see what happens. When I get back home and upload the photos, I often find I have captured a scene, a colour or a texture that sends me straight to my bead stash.

Here are some of my pics and the jewellery they inspired:

A good while back, a trip to Howth harbour and this little fella sparked off a nautical theme

These lobster pots seen the same day influenced me to buy some amazonite beads, used in these earrings

 Lough Tay and surrounding countryside led me to wire this piece of green seaglass, listed on Etsy

Lough Dan - the peaty water inspired me to bead up this bronzite stone into this brown pendant aptly named 'Autumn in Ireland.'

Vartry Resevoir, Roundwood inspired me to make some very Irish Jewellery for Paddy's Day

I'd love to hear what inspires other crafters?

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  1. I don't know from where my inspiration comes, but it comes with a feeling of resolution, kind of clearheaded decision for something instead of anything else...Be surrounded by the beauty of nature surely helps to feel like this :D

  2. Relly good pictures!and Your jewellery is beautiful:)

  3. thanks for posting girls. I know what you mean Elattrossa - when you get that moment when you know exactly what you need to make.

  4. Lovely post Anne-Marie,

    I was hiking just last weekend, although we got a little lost and ended up walking through a bog and getting more than a little muddy! It was a gorgeous day though :-)

    1. LOL sure that's half the fun, isn't it Amy? As long as you don't fall right into a bog hole of course!