Monday, April 2, 2012

The Difference Is In The Detail

For better or worse, and sometimes to my detriment, I am a detail person. You can't fob me off with half a story. I want all the juicy ins and outs of what, who, where and the big one: WHY. I've no doubt when I was a kid I was a pro at 'the why game' and drove my parents demented.  Those, let's say with a more streamlined way of thinking, who want 'the bare bones and get out of here', can find me annoying. I find them equally frustrating.  I can't deal with half a message. I'm not psychic.
But when it comes to chasing the details, I'm your woman. I have my uses. A journalist friend of mine often asks me to pre-edit his work before submitting. I will always notice (and alert you) if you're about to step out with your label showing or your zip undone.  I'll put a lot of thought into your birthday present and if I don't get it right it wont be for the lack of trying.

Attention to detail is important when handcrafting. It is widely accepted that what makes handmade goods special is the quality. An item created with care and individual attention should last longer than the mass produced. I believe the difference is also very much in the little details.
 Handmade hook and beaded eye of Connemara marble pendant
Crimp covers & Wire guards used to protect ends of eyeglass lanyard
Back of simple button pendant
Wire work element in brown gemstone necklace 
Beaded detail on both ends of attachable extender chain
(Citrine earrings, Honey Dew)

Additional circular link between hook & dangle in most of my earrings for a better drop down

I will revisit this theme before long to share favourite details from fellow Irish crafters on Etsy.


  1. Great post. I love your brown gemstone necklace. Your right about handmade items,they should last longer than mass produced, I think attention to detail is a must with hand crafted items.

  2. I love the button detail on the cowl I won from your shop!

  3.'re right about the direct relation between care and long lasting, but also in crafting it's mostly a question of personality...probably I couldn't be that precise! PS. I love the double link in the last picture!

    1. thanks. Your work does have great detail in it and your patience shows through. The link probably wont work here but this
      is amazing!

  4. ...nope, the link didn't work...I will just have to feature one of your fab necklaces in a future post! :-)

  5. I totally agree that the detail to workmanship is what sets crafters apart from mass produced, and, as an added benefit, because an item is made with care it should last much longer. Within my limited budget I'd rather pay more for one good item than have several grotty items which a) were cheaper and b) everyone else has too!

    So, you go for it, babe!!