Saturday, April 14, 2012

Etsy Treasury Time Again

Once again it's time to show off a few recent treasuries (showcase collections of Etsy items artfully curated by Etsy members.)

Here's one I made yesterday to promote the Crafty Ireland Team:

Some of my own items featured in a few treasuries by international Etsy members this week. Fellow Crafty Ireland team member, Agnieska of Good Moments put together this clever treasury featuring Irish and international crafters. Thanks so much Agnieska for featuring my larkivite and crystal earrings.

 I was honoured to see my teal beach glass pendant featured in this pretty, floral treasury by Lynn Corrigan, one of the nicest Etsonians I have had the pleasure to cyber-meet. Thanks Lynn for everything, not least this gorgeous treasury of posies by international crafters and artists:

Spring is really in the air on Etsy now. Asta Kundelyte of AstaArtwork captured the essence of the season with this beautiful butterfly collection. Thanks Asta for adding in my red and black button pendant with all these other fab finds. Much appreciated!

And finally, tonight I was delighted to find my seafoam beachglass pendant featured among these gorgeous items in one of my fave shades. Thank you Erin of Erin Go Paint (love your shop name too!!!)


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    1. Thanks for your wonderful, clever treasury

  2. Replies
    1. thanks Erin for your stunning treasury. Treasuries are an art form in themselves.

  3. Love these treasuries, the colours and the selections.
    Also want to say (while I think of it) I love your Etsy product descriptions, the way you explain about unusual stones and describe them, as well as the word definitions! Its really clever and also shows how much you love your jewellry making!

  4. Ah thanks that's sweet of you to say so.