Thursday, March 15, 2012

Button Up!

Though I've been working a lot with very Irish materials like Connemara marble and Irish beach glass lately, I've also been experimenting with buttons. They're fun and bright, readily available, and come in so many colours and sizes. The possibilities for pretty jewellery and accessories are endless.

 I had learned to make button rings on a wire-work course a couple of years ago, but after splitting my thumb in a silly accident, I had to put the ring mandrel aside for now as it is still too painful to press the wire tightly onto it with my thumb - a pretty essential technique. I still had loads of beautiful buttons to use up. This bright bookmark (listed in my Etsy shop) started out as a Christmas tree ornament, but I changed my mind midway.  It was the perfect size and weight for a jumbo shepherds hook I had in my stash. Besides, I figured the pretty buttons and flowers deserved to be seen all year round!

 Needing to introduce a few lower price points for a Christmas market in December, I wired up some pretty button pendants. They make great stocking stuffers, especially for teenagers and women who like girlie accessories. 'Trudi' is the first one to be listed in my other store on the Irish site, Fondelifair.  

'Jilly' is also now listed and more button jewellery will follow shortly. If all goes to plan I will be rolling out this young, fun and affordable line in my Etsy shop before the summer.


  1. These are lovely Anne-Marie, I am a bit obsessed with buttons myself. There is something so cheerful about them! They can be quite expensive if you buy them rather than hoard them though!

  2. Still cheaper than most gemstones! I bought some of the ones featured very reasonably from Ruth of :
    (dont see anything similar in her shop right now but maybe she will list again.) And of course, my Mum could open her own button shop with all the spare ones she's hoarded over the decades!