Sunday, May 27, 2012

Only In Dublin

On my way back from Howth, where I had been walking on the cliffs with my Etsy friend, Heli, yesterday, we came across this scene on Lower Abbey Street.
Talking Heads, Lower Abbey Street as seen on 26 May 2012, photo, Anne-Marie O'Rourke                       
Only in Dublin would some idiot plonk a half-eaten ice cream on one of the 'Talking Heads'. Yes it's a travesty, a 'two fingers up' to Dublin society, so explain to me, why did we find it oddly funny??

Just as well we Irish don't take ourselves too seriously.
The grouping of three heads is said to represent a reflection on Dublin life. Well, the temporary embellishment is certainly that. And don't you find the facial expressions incredibly apt? His companion raises his eyes to heaven while 'the victim' looks totally fed up, yet resigned to his fate. When I uploaded the photos to my computer it struck me that I've seen this face a thousand times since the recession hit us hard.


  1. yep I agree AM. Only in Ireland. We should take things a bit more seriously though now I think instead of thinkging "ah it'll be alright" who is going to be interested in Ireland's best interest except the Irish we think ah let s/o else sort it out for us???

  2. No le deis tanta importancia...en todas partes hay graciosos y la verdad es que me he reído mucho cuando tu hablas de "la victima"..
    una crónica muy divertida ..."Caught my eye " es una fórmula interesante para explicar nuestro punto de

    Saludos !