Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Difference is in the Detail 4

 It's that time again where I get to highlight some beautiful detail in the handwork by fellow Irish or Irish-based crafters and artists:

I've been a fan of BottleHeads Craft since it opened on Etsy. When I give these hand-sewn cards to friends they appreciate that they've been given something a little special. They are great for popping vouchers or even scratch cards into too!

It was hard to pick just one single item from Traban to show that when it comes to handmade, the difference really is in the detail.  You can feel the love of craft that goes into every item.

You'd be forgiven for thinking these apples by Scent Cosmetics were real. I can smell these glorious soaps from here. Look at the simulated bitemarks. Love it!

Well that was fun.. Hope you enjoyed it too. For more appreciation of the little details click HERE


  1. You know.... I think I love you... Pun is intended.

    Thanks soooo much... for everything. The team, the support, the advice and the encouragement.

    You just missed one tiny little thing. Your own shop.

  2. Thank you for I didn't know Scent Cosmetics! Those apples are perfect...

  3. Beautiful work! I bought a Bottleheads card before and was delighted with it too. The apple is fab!

  4. great job- i love those apples