Saturday, September 21, 2013

Guess My 80s Character!

A bit of fun now. Early September I posted that I was going to another Murder Mystery party, this time set in the 80s.  All attendees were sent a profile of their 'character' in the game. The party is tonight and I'm putting my costume together right now. I can give you a hint as to whom my character is (rather loosely) based on because I think we're alone now ;-) Get it? Get it?


  1. You got it! I was 'Miffany' (though in the script I was meant to be Debbie 'Gribson' ie Gibson, but didn't remember her as I wasn't into that genre of teen music. So I morphed into Tiffany cos at least I knew THAT song.) Easy costume to do. Great night! Photo to follow...