Friday, September 13, 2013

Techno Battles Won

I've had a right day of it as far as technology is concerned. In the same day that I switch from Broadband via ethernet on my durable but tired, circa-2007 PC to superfast wifi, I have been working out how to use my new wee laptop and find my way round Windows Apps for the first time. Ok, I'm showing my age now aren't I..but I'm not as old as I sound! Really. 
Artists can be funny. Some of us don't always remember to keep up with electronic goods and gadgets until they break. And we are allergic to reading instruction manuals. I fall into that category of artist who is not naturally techy minded. But any Etsy seller and blogger will tell you how you are forced to become more tech savvy and ready to work things out when you launch yourself into the world of online sales, marketing and blogging. I will not be beaten by a bit of hardware, software or anything downloadble, uploadable,  pluginable or anything-else-able. So there!

 I'm finally up and running again and proud of myself despite a few close calls where it was a choice between pulling my hair out or banging my head against the wall. I've got a little bald patch now. But all is well with my online world again....just need to work out why I can't upload photos from my camera can't be that hard.....


  1. I can completely relate to any online challenge! There is rarely a day without some sort of yoke or app or as you say downloadable something or other to work out ....! :)

  2. I agree, totally allergic to instructions. I rely on youtube for everything!!

  3. Ugh. I hate those days when you have everything planned out, and then it all goes horribly wrong because the technology DOESN'T DO WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO DO. The laptop burning picture is very apt in this case. ;)

    1. oh dear, sounds like you had a worse time of it! The only time I ever felt like doing actual damage to the computer was when I first tried out a wordpress blog and shop on another site.

  4. I feel your pain and hope you solved the camera mistery in the meanwhile :D

  5. Hi Anne-Marie, completely understand "pulling my hair out or banging my head against the wall" feeling. It feels that sometimes we just have to be superwomen and know everything and figure out everything ourselves! Hope all is good now?

  6. ah yeah, all good in the end though as I get to know Windows 8 and see the great features I also miss certain ones - eg windows picture manager has been retired :-( and as Picassa is missing one essential feautre I had to download another app just for resizing images the way I need for Etsy. Bit of a pain but how and ever....