Friday, October 11, 2013

1980s Murder Mystery Costume

A short while back I posted about creating a costume for a Murder Mystery party that was set in the 1980s.  The game was amazing fun - some innocent playtime for grownups. The character I was given was super easy, a teen pop star who was launching her new perfume. Just as well as in the end I had to throw my costume together. 

The best bit was concocting a sample of the perfume which I brought in a spray bottle to spritz on paper samples as I mingled. With sickly sweet 80s scents in my head I had mixed some Spanish lavender cologne that was sitting in my bathroom forever (don't ask) with several drops of essential oils and a little too much precious vanilla essence from the kitchen cupboard. Lets just say the result was very heady...but worth the laugh and a good ice breaker at the start of the party.

As for the costume, there was a shocking pink, long, grandfather style shirt lurking in the top of my wardrobe (again, don't ask). I cinched it with a wide, black leather belt. I rolled up the ends of my jeans to mid calf and put on matching cerise socks reaching under the jeans, to look like I had on bright pink tights. Then I slipped into a pair of stilettos. 

After backcombing my hair, I tied a half ponytail on the top of my head. Pink eyeshadow with plenty of underbrow highlighter, a stripe of matching blusher, khol eyeliner and rosy lipstick completed my trip back in time.

I had hoped to make myself some 80s bling. Just as the cobblers kids have no shoes, I rarely do have time to make anything for myself. The knotted necklace you see is actually a strip of silver Christmas tree beading! The pearl 'bracelets' are a necklace that was the not quite the right length to look 80s.

I really would have loved to make big hoop earrings but I simply had too many other things to do that weekend. So I decided to retire these danglies from my Etsy shop, Handmade by Amo'r, as they are not my usual style at all and the listing was about to  expire. They were perfect for the 80s look.

 I have now decided to dismantle them and use the bottom half for a new pair of simpler earrings. It does mean cutting through the silver flowers however, but I have an alternative idea in mind ...tbc...


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