Sunday, June 15, 2014

Keep Your Earrings Together.

Earrings can be a bit like socks. Pairs have a sneaky habit of parting company, so you end up with a bunch of useless odd ones. Seriously, where do the other ones go?
own earrings, not for sale
 Here is a great tip for keeping your stud earrings together in the jewellery box when travelling or simply for pretty display purposes.

Button down the hatches cos these babies aren't getting away! Just pin them through the holes of a button to keep them from splitting up. If you are travelling, I'd then wrap them in a bit of thick paper tissue or  perhaps some felt.
keeping earrings together with a button
Fastening the studs through a button is also a lovely way to display your stud earrings on your dressing table! You could even try joining a few buttons together to make a cute decoration.
button hook for displaying earrings
I did a quick little experiment and threw together this button hook with some pink craft wire. It's not for sale, I was just playing around with the idea, but you see where I'm going with it.

The bottom button serves as a holder for dangle earrings too. If you don't work with craft wire, you could try this at home with thick thread or chord perhaps. Why not give it a go and see what works?


  1. buttons! a real 'der why didn't I think of that'??!
    Actually I like the line of buttons too, that's really pretty, and unusual! Myself I have to admit I wear odd earrings and when people remark, which they rarely do as they don't notice (its usually my students who notice), I say I have another identical pair at home, or in the bin, or (usually) in the vacuum cleaner!!

  2. Fantastic idea Anne-Marie. I love little hacks like that - a great way to display any earrings you are selling too.