Monday, August 6, 2012

Not My Granny's Teapot

Just listed this brown sea pottery pendant in my Etsy store. This is another one of the pieces that I plucked from a shore near Dublin recently. The changeable weather has washed up lots and lots of beach treasure along the coastline. Yesterday was so wet I didn't feel like going out so I stayed in and wire wrapped several pendants, including this one:
brown sea pottery pendant

It does look awfully like a dinner service set my Granny had. I assure you it's not. My Mum is the custodian of said china and I doubt very much that she hauled it to the coast and chucked it in the sea!  I'm sure the pattern will be familiar to a lot of Irish and English people. The piece has no sharp edges and I'd say it's been tumbling in the Irish Sea for a few decades. I can't help but wonder whose kitchen it might have come from.
sea pottery from Ireland
 This is another piece of brown pottery with what may have been a floral pattern. The swirly design I made fills in a blank spot where the pattern is completely missing. The swirls represent the movement of the sea.  This piece is more 'chalky' and faded than the larger one above. I reckon it is twice as old. Very worn sea pottery found in these parts is often 100 years old or much more.


  1. I love your swirly design! And yes, you do wonder whose kitchens these pieces came from?

    1. thanks for commenting Purls. I'm sure every piece of beach treasure has a secret history. If only it could speak.

  2. Beautifully done!I love your style.