Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Simon the Etsy Gecko Moves On

Recently, I've played host to Simon the travelling gecko. It's hard to understand or explain how a wee plush toy has come to be such an important figure among the Etsy Ireland Team, but he has. He is part ambassador for the team, part mascot and in more grown-up terms, I guess he's a marketing tool.

 He is the ward of Carrie, owner of Cherry Blossom Tattoo. Last year she sent him on a voyage of discovery and he has travelled far and wide visiting Etsy people and checking out their work. (Read about his beach combing trip with me by clicking HERE) .
Before waving farewell as he moved onto the next leg of his journey, Simon did one more thing for me by introducing me to a fellow team member. Next in line to host the little fella is Karo of Karoart. I was about to post him off to her, when I realised she lived about 10 or 15 minutes walk away. We decided to meet up so I could hand over Simon in person (he gets a bit travel sick in the post anyway) and so we could have a chat about our work and Etsy. We each took along a sample of our art. Karo showed me the beautiful bowl in the picture. For more of Karo's ceramic bowls click HERE.  No doubt, Simon will have a very interesting time and will get to see how these bowls and other artwork are made.

Farewell Simon and thanks for introducing me to another member of the team!