Sunday, August 5, 2012

Teal Seaglass Pendant. A Little Help From My Friends

Recently I was out beach combing for seaglass and beach pottery near Dublin with my talented friends, Mo of Huggle Knits and Heli of Heli MG. Click HERE to read about our day out.
Teal seaglass pendant, BREEZE
 Here is the first of the pieces that I made from my haul of pirate treasure.  'Breeze' is pale teal seaglass pendant. The seaglass is a piece of an old bottle neck. The sea has tumbled it nicely, softening the edges and leaching it of minerals, achieving natural frosting. It is a beautiful bluey-green colour, one of the rarer finds in beach glass.

Our day turned out even more fruitful as I may have found a new way to hang my pendants. When not using sterling silver chains, I hang the more affordable, seaglass necklaces and button pendants on rubber, cotton or suedette cords but I wanted to try something different.

When Mo was showing us one of her new crochet necklaces, I had a Eureka moment and asked her would she make me a few crochet chains as an experiment.  She sent me a few different types and colours and I have been testing and playing around with them ever since. I decided to try out this black wool chain on 'Breeze' pendant and added a satin-covered button to complete the necklace.  Mo and I will be discussing fibers and options etc. I'd love to hear your opinions please?


  1. Wow, I love this pendant! Great collaboration, and that button really is the icing on the cake! You both rock!!!

  2. cheers P. I've just ordered a bunch of crochet chains from Mo to hang my new pendants on. I will keep the rubber chokers for unisex and men's pendants though and of course, will still make sterling silver chains too.