Saturday, August 11, 2012

Upturned Roots. Caught My Eye 7

Caught My Eye is the section of my blog that I reserve for scenes that struck me as curious, comical, weird, or aesthetically appealing when out and about on one of my rambles.
Up-turned tree near Powerscourt Waterfall
 This up-turned tree displayed its roots from an unusual angle. I'm not sure I will be using it as inspiration for any of my jewellery, as my wire work tends to be a bit lighter and airier than this, but it just caught my eye as a natural object of beauty and curiosity.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this photo is that is wasn't raining! In fact it didn't rain at all that day ( Sunday 22 July); a truly rare occurrence this summer. My photos of nearby Powerscourt Waterfall didn't turn out brilliantly, but I will none-the-less, share them in a future post for my blog section, 'Inspiring Hill Walks and Rambles'


  1. Friday the sun was shining all the time! Very rare fact, as much as a tree with its roots yelling at the sky :D

    1. LOL. Love your choice of words there. Poor tree.

  2. Great photo! Hope you've been getting a bit of sun, we've had a few heavenly days here ( back raining again now tho! )

  3. Gorgeous ! the Nature "made " sometimes beautiful jewelry as well,
    or a nice sculptures.....thanks to eye who get the picture !!