Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crafty Co-operation

They've arrived! 
I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of some new handmade supplies: 18 inch, cotton crochet chains to hang my seaglass and sea pottery pendants

 Last month I mentioned I was experimenting with samples my Etsy colleague and friend, Mo of Huggle Knits had made up for me. I wore one of the chains with various pendants for a couple of weeks to see how it felt and if it would stretch. It is really comfortable and lightweight and has kept its shape, though I have only tried it on seaglass and also button pendants, not heavier gemstones.

I used one of the samples to hang this pretty, teal seaglass pendant. The seaglass necklace sold very quickly to a lovely lady in the USA. 

The samples worked well so I decided to order a bunch of brown and black in hypoallergenic cotton. They arrived on Tuesday, all wrapped up in a little red crochet rose. Thanks Mo!

Each has its own cute mini button, easy to use and very secure.
I found the button sits snugly on the nape of my neck. I forgot it was there in fact.
Irish Sea Pottery Necklace
I used one of the chocolate brown chains to hang this sea pottery pendant, 'Storm in a Teacup,' which I listed in my Etsy Store today. I hope it finds a happy home somewhere.