Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Caught My Eye 12: Glass Houses

 Caught My Eye is the section of my blog that I reserve for scenes that struck me as curious, comical, weird, or aesthetically appealing when out and about on one of my rambles. Please forgive my amateur photography and enjoy the photos for what they are - a glimpse at the world that I find so inspiring.

On Saturday I was at the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin. Ever since I was a child, the glass houses fascinated me with their exotic plants and jungle-like atmosphere. A few years ago I got caught in the largest one in the midst of a thunder and lightening storm. I couldn't think of a more dramatic yet beautiful place to get caught in a storm.  For now, here is just a quick peek at the beautiful structures themselves.


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  1. It remainds me about the same place in Poland:)
    My son loved that Botanic Garden!:) (good memories):)