Thursday, October 18, 2012

More October Treasuries

A few more recent treasuries to share and say  

 This one is good enough to eat!  Thank you Deb of Blue Sky Pottery for including my bronzite, jasper and red glass bracelet in  'Strawberry and Chocolate.'

Thanks Puffin Patchwork for this festive collection to get us all in mood for the season 'Decorate for Christmas.' I will!

Once more Lynn Corrigan of Lynn's Creative Crochet has come up trumps with a gorgeous treasury, 'The Birth of the Blues.' Thanks Lynn for adding in my vintage sapphire glass pendant.

 Today, my brown gemstone necklace, 'Nature' was featured in this gorgeous, earthy treasury 'Anniversary finds' by Ksusha of Flower Decoration. I really appreciate it, thanks.

And here's one I made myself:

I put together this Irish collection titled, 'Samhain Halloween' to showcase a few fellow, Irish crafts persons, artists and craft suppliers.

Today,  Samhain is the Irish word for Halloween. Samhain was originally a pagan, Celtic holiday to celebrate the end of Harvest and literally meant 'summers end'. The ancient Celtic year began in November just after this festival. 



  1. Thanks for including my treasury in your selection. I really like your brown necklace in Anniversary finds.