Monday, October 8, 2012

Foot Injury Forces Me to Get Craftier

During September I was very frustrated to have developed plantar fasciitis from all the walking and hiking I did (or overdid) since January; hence the sudden drop off from blogging about inspiring Irish scenery.  No pun intended with the cliff pic...well OK then, maybe a wee bit intended.
Lower cliff path, Howth
I was out nearly every weekend, walking for miles and feeling healthy, happy and full of creative ideas. Unfortunately, I ended up with this painful soul infliction. Yes, yes, I meant 'sole'  infliction but I'm leaving my Freudian spelling mistake as is. After all, it is soul destroying.

I am pretty hobbled and wonder if I have a heel spur too. I've managed a few short walks, though I've paid for it dearly afterwards. I can only look on the bright side though. Losing the motivation to spend entire days out in the wilds has meant I finally made time to work on my Christmas stock. (Um... is it too soon to use the 'C' word?)
Connemara Marble Star Ornament. Christmas Tree Decoration in Rare, Green, Irish  Stone
I'm a little embarrassed to be posting about Christmas a few weeks before Halloween has had a chance to say Boo! 
Irish Ornament. Connemara Marble Christmas Ornament with Silver Flower Snowflake

The reality is though, if my Irish ornaments are to find happy homes this side of the holidays they need to be in my store like yesterday. Looking at other shops on Etsy, I am indeed a  bit behind.

I do tend to have one or two tree ornaments and beaded angels lurking at the back of my shop at any given time. It's surprising that I sold one or two in recent months and 4 of them in July. Seems Christmas is never entirely out of style.
Irish Seaglass Ornament or Beach Glass Suncatcher or  Loose Pendant
I spent a good portion of the weekend wiring up ornaments and new jewellery. They are photographed but waiting patiently to be edited and listed. But I have a huge list of goodies yet to make and I wonder will it happen? Where are Santa's elves when you need them? Time to put my best foot forward then. I guess that would be the one without the plantar fasciitis.

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  1. Never too late for a crafter to say it A-M ;) - lovely items you've made!