Saturday, November 23, 2013

I'm Dreaming of a Wire Christmas

Irish Ornament. Sea Glass Christmas Decoration. White & Red
Irish sea glass ornament

As like last year, the Christmas ornaments are flying out of my shop since the beginning of November..but it makes sense as most of them have to travel across the ocean to USA and Canada and maybe as far as Australia and Japan again. Last shipping dates for overseas is 6th December! That is only a couple of weeks away.

It's so cool to think something I wrapped up in wire with my own hands will be gracing Christmas trees in various parts of the world. I hope they bring a little Irish luck and a lot of joy, especially when given to or purchased by an ex-pat Paddy far away from home. (I'm allowed use the P word, I'm 100% Paddy Irish! Thems there the rules, so they are!)

Connemara Marble Tree Decoration. Mini Tree & Star.  Celtic, Irish Ornament          Celtic Connemara Marble Ornament. Irish Mini Tree with Spiral
I have only  2 mini Connemara marble trees left!!  OK I also have one, as yet unwrapped, stone waiting to be decorated. I always save one until last lest a customer wants the wire wrapping to be personalised. But I wont be holding back much longer. It has to get into my shop soon or it wont get out of it on time for last shipping (oh, did I mention it was 6th December for overseas?)

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