Friday, November 1, 2013

A 'Cuppa' of Cool Sea Pottery Finds

It's been a while since I've had a chance to go beach combing for some cool sea pottery and sea glass so it was refreshing to have a poke around on a tiny Dublin cove last week. Fancy a cuppa?....

I'll just have a small one thanks ;-) Only beach combers/sea pottery collector-nerds like me will appreciate this but I really love these pieces. I wont be using the concave base of the cup for anything other than display but I might try to wire wrap the handle (turning it upside down) and incorporate it into something...there's a seed of an idea going round my head.

Time to put the kettle on!

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  1. It will be interesting to see what you will come up with handle, but when I saw the picture I straight away imagined this as framed wall piece with sketched 'missing' parts of cup or some kind of old map in background. :)

  2. yep I was thinking of gluing it into a picture and I may yet do so. I don't have the materials right now though as it's not what I do, so that will have to wait. The minute I found the handle I had an idea for it that I have to try will be good if I can do something reversible and save the handle for a picture if it doesn't work out....

  3. Oh how dear! I comb the beach for treasures so I appreciate your little finds. Some day I hope to find a piece of sea glass bigger than an inch. Happy beachcombing!

    1. even the little pieces can be beautiful, displayed in car, worked into mosaic, scattered around the base of a flower pot...