Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Crafty Sisters

macrame lampshade made by my mum
I come from a family of artistic, crafty women and grew up with home made, handmade, home baked and hand sewn. My Mum has a humungous range of crafts under her belt from wood work to sugar icing art. Now in her 70s she attends painting classes. 

My own crafty abilities go as far as jewellery making/wire art and a spot of embroidery but between my 3 talented sisters they could nest up a home full of handmade goodies and artwork and also design and make your entire wardrobe of clothes (bar the shoes.) 

Two of my sisters were sharing their latest achievements on Facebook so I asked if I could show them off here. Neither of them sell their work (though they could!) and are too shy to let me post their names but this is what they have been up to this week:
crochet fingerless gloves by sibling #3 of 4
re-upholstered chair cushion by sibling #1 of 4
And here is some of what sibling #2 of 4 (that would be me) has been up to:
beaded angel
sea glass fairy ornament
wire wrapped tree
I'd love to hear if you come from a crafty family too? Please do tell by commenting below.

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  1. Hi Anne-Marie...thanks for share and for the opportunity to say that YES....I'm from a daddy that likes drawn and paint ..but above all a great photographer ,on ours Sunday's walks,I was in all photographs, I should stand up , be quiet like a model was bored for me ..I always was a restless girl
    My mother was a dressmaker and also made dresses for ​​me .. so again had to stand up and be quiet for testing ..Now...I miss them .
    Any way...since I have memory ,I'm drawing and working with my hands ..even I choose a job , blood Laboratory , where I stand up and moving my hands...isn't strange ? LOL
    Gracias ,un saludo !