Sunday, November 9, 2014

Beach Combing in Jersey, Channel Islands

Late August, I spent a week in Jersey, one of the UK Channel Islands, off the North coast of France and a place I've always wanted to visit. It's a popular destination for walking holidays with stunning cliff paths in the North, easier coastal walks along the entire perimeter and green, country lanes in the interior. Its many beaches also throw up a  fair share of sea glass and sea pottery to delight collectors of beach treasures like me.
beach treasure found in Jersey, UK
Although I had insider information that I was staying near an excellent strand for beach combing, Green Island Beach in the South, I'm afraid I didn't find all that much. Then again I was too busy sightseeing to spend enough time actually searching. The photo above shows the best of the crop. The photo isn't great, but the triangle of glass in the middle is a beautiful shade of baby blue, one of the rarer shades. 
This brown scenic shard of sea pottery was a cool find, despite the extra wear and tear at the edge. I wonder if anyone recognises the pattern?

Some day I will  have to go back and search for more treasure.....

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