Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Customer's Story

If there is one thing more heartwarming than a review from a happy customer, it's a personal note from a shopper who tells me their story and why they chose my Etsy store.
(Irish scenery, own photo)
Many who drop by my store are of Irish extraction or perhaps their spouse would be from Ireland and they feel that same affinity. These particular customers would often share a little of their story. For me, this is one of the highlights of being present on Etsy - it's about the personal experience not just for customers, but sometimes for the seller too. I'm not a faceless machine churning out mass produced goods, but an artist putting heart and soul into the few individual pieces I make. Equally, those who choose my creations are not just a name and address on the envelope. 

Yesterday a friendly, Irish American lady, who had chosen a Connemara marble pendant from me in February 2013, returned for a pair of earrings. I was delighted to see her return, but even more so to know that the pendant is still a well-loved piece of jewellery. She has kindly allowed me to share her story here. 

Her parents originated in Ireland and she still has relatives in Dublin and in the South West.

'...I've been meaning to get earnings to match my pendant, but just never got around to it. I love the pendant. Many years ago my mother gave me a pin with Connemara marble which I have passed on to my daughter. She loves having something of her grandmother's. Hence my attachment to Connemara. Someday I'll pass on my pendant and earrings to my daughter. We are very sentimental.' 

(Well, thank you.) I too am a bit sentimental and hearing stories like this makes me feel like my jewellery is sometimes more than just adornments. Some pieces, especially those in Irish marble can become a symbol, a connection to family and heritage. For me, the privilege of knowing where a lovingly made piece is going and why it will be cherished gives more meaning to what I do. 

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  1. Dear Anne Marie your story is beautiful , at same time I'm feeling the same as you feel doing our-craft-job, about the importance in my live working for friendly customers, it has no price , for my nothing better that knowing 'they have a creature' made with soul and care ...(difficult to me say with love...but it is !!!, we put love on it, first of all , because should to be nice for me , should to be nice enough when I'm doing what they need ...
    I hope see you soon ! I really enjoyed that post