Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cliff Fire. Caught My Eye 3.

Just thought I'd share another scene that caught my eye. Out walking the cliffs in Howth on a rare hot day two weeks ago, smoke from a brush fire cut off our path towards the Baily Lighthouse. Thankfully the fire brigade were managing the fire. By the time we turned back to this spot near the summit car park, it had been directed down the cliff face towards the water where it would extinguish.
 Here's my disaster movie take on it. And if the fire had not been contained, it could have been quite a nasty disaster. There still remains blackened evidence of a previous gorse and bramble fire on these cliffs, which I have been told dates back to a serious fire in 1999. (In 2000 the area was designated a Special Amenity Area, under the order, SAAO and there is a special fire management policy in place.)
I will post more scenes of our cliff walk before long. In the meantime, Click HERE for more scenes of the beautiful Irish countryside that inspires me artistically. Click HERE for curious or interesting scenes that caught my eye.

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