Thursday, June 7, 2012

Craft in the Crypt

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
Last Monday, 4 June, I took part in the bank holiday craft market at Christ Church Cathedral in the heart of medieval Dublin. 
ByAmo'r in Christ Church Cathedral crypt
 The market took place inside the atmospheric crypt, which is an amazing place to visit in itself. Built in the late 12th century, the crypt is the oldest surviving structure in the city. It is also the largest crypt in Britain and Ireland (63.4m long).
Heli is wearing one of her fabulous tufted lambs wool scarves
I shared a stall with Heli of HeliMG and Heli Creations. Above her head is one of her beautifully hand crocheted lanterns with led lighting. She tells me there are only two left in this limited addition so get em while you can!

We also shared our nook with King Charles I and King Charles II, who looked over our shoulders. (apologies for these awful photos...I only know how to photo jewellery up close!) These are the oldest known secular statues in Ireland. They took pride of place outside the old Tholsel (medieval town hall) which stood across the road until the early 1800s. According to a friendly tour guide (whom we listened in on) the statues were at that time, stoned and defaced by locals rebelling against the British seat. 


Many of the tourists passing through commented that it was an unusual place to hold a craft market, but interestingly, there was a market held there in medieval times. So perhaps it's not so strange. What I do find strange though, is that centuries ago there were also 2 taverns in the crypt selling beer and wine! One was called Paradise and the other Hell! We joked with the visitors as to which one we were in! 
Irish seaglass pendant (SOLD)
Though slow to start, as tourists don't tend to shop until the end of their day) the market went well for me.  My Irish seaglass pendants and bookmarks won the day in the end.
OOAK Irish seaglass fairy (SOLD)
My new line of fairy ornaments, charms, pendants, and/or sun catchers also proved a winner. From one market day to another you can never tell what is going to be popular.  I will be introducing my fairies and angels to my Etsy shop very shortly. 
crystal angel, Handmade by Amo'r (more coming soon)

 I currently have one seaglass fairy listed in the form of this bookmark. More exciting designs to come. Watch this space....


  1. Congratulations on a successful market!!!

    Maybe your fairies attracted the - often very elusive - sales fairy ;p

  2. Ta Purls. Well Mo of Huggle Knits did say they would fly out of the crypt... she always sends good selling vibes :-)

  3. What a cool setting(mind you I dont think I'd like to be in there at night!). Your crystal angel is beautiful, really unique. The display is very inviting, a treasure trove. I knew I recognised the fab unicorn, it was in my first treasury list this week!

  4. Wonderful! ...Will you do it again?!

    1. I hope to, but I don't do many markets during the year as I just have too much else going on.

  5. Glad to hear the market went well for you! How cool is it to hold a stall in a crypt! By the way your fairy range is adorable.