Thursday, June 14, 2012

Murder Mystery Game Costume Inspirations

One of my friends is hosting a murder mystery party for her birthday next weekend. The story is set in the swinging 60s in the UK. Last year she did the same, but the theme was 1940s.
It was so much fun getting to play dress up like kids, then acting our parts for the night. We laughed so much that we cried. For most of us, using whatever resources we had to create a suitable costume proved challenging but was just as much fun as the night itself. I let my imagination loose and didn't need to buy a single prop or piece of clothing, though one or two of my friends found charity shops a very useful resource.
my effort at 1940s costume
I had no pencil skirt, so I wore a narrow black slip with a petticoat underneath to make it less see-through and did my best to roll my hair up following instructions on You-tube. The hair went fairly wonky, but that just made it funnier. I made a fake cigarette and long holder out of cardboard. I even drew a black 'stocking seam' up the back of my legs using liquid eyeliner, as they did in the 40s if they couldn't afford real stockings. 

 I got to wear the same costume again when I took part in the Fancy dress Mingle Market last summer. (Now re-opened on Thomas Street, Dublin 8)
This time round, my 1960s character is a famous journalist and I'm meant to dress all in black with a dash of red lipstick. (If you know this particular mystery game, please say nothing...don't give the game away but do please feel free to share your costume ideas!)

I was searching the net for inspiration and as it's down to what I've got to hand, I think I've come to an idea for a look halfway between sixties style icons, Brigitte Bardot (after all her middle name was Anne-Marie!) Click here for Google images, and Jane Asher,  who interviewed the Beatles, something my journalist character might have done.  Click here for Google images
I have my costume almost sorted and if turns out OK I will share any decent photos here next week.

I haven't yet got the hang of the beehive, even with those little hidden hair props you can buy. So I ordered what was meant to be a 60s style wig from a cotume shop in arrived today and it's not a wig. It's a monster that seems to be growing more hair each time I look at it. It is nothing like it's sleek photo on the website.

It will not tame but as I have nothing else, I may wear it anyway for its comedic value. Perhaps a big hairband or bandeau like Bardot's will sort it out. I'll let you know........


  1. That sounds like lots of fun - enjoy!! Looking forward to seeing the pics after the party. :)

  2. What a fun idea! Love your last costume, especially the blue top. I am afraid I have no hair advice, the last time someone attempted a beehive on me it involved lots of backcombing and knots in my hair... A wide hairband can be very useful!

  3. Great party idea! I am sure you will look beautiful and stylish!:))

    1. I'm getting ready now..after this cup of tea. Gonna try the hair props again for a mini beehive...I've a feeling I will be more comical than stylish!

  4. Sounds like great fun - looking forward to seeing pics of your costume! Your 40's one was lovely ✿

  5. Great idea of fun...!!! Anything do for crazy games...!!! I am very excited love this costumes, Thanks for the post. It is wonderful idea for my uncle's upcoming 40th birthday party. I am very happy to see this post. Love murder mystery party games...