Monday, June 18, 2012

More Etsy Treasuries June

Looks like it's Etsy Treasury time again. With the onset of summer, colour is everywhere now.

Thank you Carrie, of Cherry Blossom Tattoo for featuring my orange agate purse charm in this cheerful rainbow collection.

And thank you once more to Lynn of Lynn's Creative Crochet for not one but another two stunning treasuries, the one above featuring my amethyst earrings and the one below featuring my multi gem, grey necklace, Sorpresa. (Lynn I am grateful for all you do. Thank you.)
Ashes and Roses (Mary Chapin Carpenter) by Lynn's Creative Crochet

And another gorgeous Treasury, 'Purple Collection' by DKHM featured my purple berry pendant. Thank you Dina!


  1. ...these collections are all so beautiful, rich and colorful! I think it's a hard work to select items this way :D

  2. I find that creating treasuries helps me get to know my fellow shop owners. I meet the most creative people this way. A big thanks to Anne-Marie for including some of these on her blog:-)

    Lynn Corrigan

  3. lovely! all the items are carefully picked. Nicely done.