Saturday, June 23, 2012

What's in a Name

Lately I have been making tweaks and improvements to my online store. The most important one was to change my Etsy shop name and therefor, my user name, from byAMOR to Handmade by Amor, in line with my shop front.
A year ago, I wrote an article for the Etsy Ireland team blog about the delicate operation of choosing a shop name and my rookie folly of choosing byAMOR as my user name. Read about it HERE.  
The old URL will still work by redirecting to the new one

Since then, Etsy have made it possible to change your user name. I finally managed to streamline my user name to go with my branding and identity, Handmade by Amor . The new URL is but the old one will still redirect so no harm done there. I chose to do this as the term byAMOR just doesn't seem to stick in people's minds and according to my google stats, is never used to find me, where as Handmade by Amor is. I believe and hope I have made the right choice.


  1. it sounds reasonable to me! I'm thinking about that but still can't find the courage to operate a real change!!!

  2. These things take so much time and trouble but it's worth it for the outcome. Handmade by Amor is much nicer with a real sense of you the person as the maker..

    1. You've articulated a thought that was circling in my head but I couldn't quite pin down. Yes, people often didn't cop that byAMOR meant 'by Amo'r'. they thought it was just some odd word like bayamor or some such.