Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back To School Beaded Accessories

  Ahh, September is looming and it will soon be time for students to start or head back to school or college.  They really can be the best days of your life. Here are a few accessories and gifts to mark the occasion:
Cute Bookmark Hook. Beaded with Candy Red Stone. Silver Plated Squiggle Hook.
Red Stone Bookmark
How about a special bookmark to pretty up the book shelf? This cute silver plate shepherds hook is beaded with red 'candy jade' (colour enhanced howlite), black onyx and scarlet glass.
SALE Beaded Purse Charm, Jeans Fob, or Zipper Pull. Amber. Brown Bag Charm.
Amber Purse charm
Personalise your satchel or book bag with a pretty beaded charm. The one pictured is made with Baltic amber. Click here for more beaded charms from my shop. (Reduced to clear.)
beaded eyeglass chain
Does she like bright, colourful accessories that reflect her personality? This blue and amber eyeglass chain is young, fun and a little geek-chic. Made with colourful seed beads, double crimped at the ends and with rubber loops for secure attachment to glasses.

Coral and silver butterfly fairy phone charm
A good luck gift such as this butterfly fairy phone charm will be appreciated by a girlie teenager or college student alike. It will work just as well as a bag or rear view mirror dangle. You will find more angel and fairy charms and ornaments in my Etsy store. Watch this space in the run-up to the Christmas season for new additions to this line!

Irish Keychain. Seaglass from Ireland. Beer Bottle Neck Beach Glass.
Bottle rim, sea glass key chain
And for the older student; has he moved into a dorm or got a new car? This beer-bottle rim, naturally frosted sea glass, which I found on a Dublin shore, would make a really cool key chain for a college goer. (Read my previous post on sea glass bottle rims HERE )

And I'd like to showcase further handmade and vintage accessories or school supplies offered by fellow Irish Etsy owners:


Time for School' by byAMOR

brought to you by Etsy Ireland

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If you are going back to school or college best of luck!


  1. Great choice and descriptions for all your accessories, they are lovely! Thank you for featuring my bookmarks in your treasury!

  2. cheers Liga you are welcome. I love the little bookmarks you make. Very unique.