Thursday, August 22, 2013

Zoo-ming. Inspirations from Nature

I garner a lot of my inspirations from nature, mostly from the sea and the scenic walks near Dublin. Recently I went to Dublin Zoo to see if I could think of something new to do. Ok really, I went to have a nice day out with friends, but everywhere I go I am always on the look-out for fresh ideas and I always bring my camera.
This big fella peeping out at us caught my eye. But no, I wont be making monkey-shaped jewellery or ornaments any time soon!
It may be true that zebra stripes are more, a very dark brown, but the elegant animal did get me thinking about monochrome designs. A real classic, black and white is always in style - even when it's not.
And my favourite animal in the zoo is the penguin. Ok he's cute, but the pale mint shade of the water with the sandy colour of the rocks stole my attention. I has me thinking of matching aqua tones and earthy jaspers or perhaps tigereye. After all, you do see these two shades side by side on a beach.

Amazonite Gemstone Earrings. Sterling Silver Chains. Long Earrings.  Raindrops       

            Amazonite Gemstone Earrings           Jasper gemstone & sterling silver necklace

What do you think? Is there scope for these aqua and sandy hues to live side by side in the same piece of jewellery like they so often do in nature?
Irish sea glass pendant

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  1. Colours of Nature indeed !! I like to see the similarity of your work and Nature...lovely !!
    jasper and Irish sea.