Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sharing Feedback

I am always grateful to receive feedback in any shape or form. I appreciate that it takes time and effort for anyone to write it. I just had to share the latest feedback received as it warmed my winter for me. So please allow me to brag a little and show off this latest comment....
Purple amethyst earrings
'Lovely service and beautiful earrings. Anne-Marie was in touch right away and even ran to the post office just before it closed to ship them. They came with a gift box, personalized note, and an extra little charm. Best of all, the earrings are very well-made and my grandmother was tickled to get something handcrafted in Ireland. I'd give more than five stars if I could, and will be back for other gifts.'

Thank you K for your kind words! To see all my customer reviews CLICK HERE
To read about Amethysts, the stone CLICK HERE


  1. You deserves Anne-Marie...those earring are really nice ..fine work as simple as that !
    beauty no need to be too ornate and bizarre , simplicity is genuine and sincere in some crafts..not sure if I explain properly...!
    I like Agate Gemstones earrings as well ...

  2. A-M. That is wonderful feedback :)

    Beautiful earrings :)

    I have found in the past year that since Etsy changed the feedback system, less and less people are leaving feedback :(

    Happy New Year to you and continued success :) T.

    1. yeah I'd say I've seen a bit of a reduction in feedback left since the system was changed.

  3. Well done, I hope this great feedback will encourage other buyers to pick you (I'll know where to go next time I want to gift jewelry;-)